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Come away from it all....catch your our serene, aromatic and richly colored perennial gardens....

The Main Perennial Garden...welcomes you upon arrival at the Bold Colorful Life Estate

The Enchanted Bird Garden

The picket fence gate leads into the Meditation Garden


A staircase of foundation stones leads past the Rose Garden

The pond is graced by the Wildflower and Lupine Gardens

The Mint and Lavender Garden wafts wonderful aroma across the back porch of the Farmhouse

Our lawns are filled with wildflowers too

And our shady areas are home to our lovely Lady Slippers



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We're working on a new attraction on our 15 acre estate for 2018. It's going to be a 'Fairy Walk', where children (of all ages) can build fairy houses to their heart's content, and the walkway leads through the woods to a lovely pine-needle-covered picnic area. I'll be putting pictures of our progress on the main website soon.

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