The Site Map of the Bold Colorful Life Estate

Key to the Bold Colorful Life Estate Site Map 

1. Farmhouse Guest Rental

2. Cape Guest Rental

3. Owner's Quarters- Private

4. Reception Deck- Private if not rented

5. Firepit-Open to all

6. Softwood pile-Open to all (under two yellow banners)

7. Sports and Games Room

8. Gallery Barn-sometimes a Gallery, always a Barn

9. Garden Shed

10. Large Compost Pile

11. Freshwater Pond-home to frogs and Maine painted turtles

12. Woodland Glade with two picnic tables

13. Stone Bench and Stone Staircase to lower level and riverfront

14. Four 8.6 foot Eclipse kayaks and mulched path to staircase to water

15. Wooden Bench which marks the end of the property, adjacent to neighbor's driveway

16. Farmhouse Parking

17. Cape Parking

18. Neighbor's Driveway-please avoid trespassing

19. Organic Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens- help yourself


Aerial Photos of the site HERE




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