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See the Estate During
Blizzard Nemo
February 9, 2013

The Great Room looking out at the Cape
and to the front porch of the Farmhouse

Here's what the wind shoved in through the garage doors....

....and here's what stayed outside!

The beast waits outside the waiting room door...lucky there are no clients today!! They couldn't get in....

And when the wind dies down a little bit, I strap on my snowshoes and go out to play...

That Nemo....that Mother Nature....she's still a little blustery....

The plow guy did his best....twice....

The view of the front of the Farmhouse....that SUV won't be going anywhere....

The rose garden....

Down towards the river....but I turned around when the drifts were over my head....

Mother Nature....just glorious!!


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