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at the Bold Colorful Life
Vacation Rentals and Retreat Center

The map of the estate... from just overhead....

The Sports and Games 'Room' is located behind the Gallery Barn, in a 'room' in the trees, which is protected from the river winds. Here we stock sports equipment and games for your use, at no charge.  

        For water enjoyment, check the tides before planning to paddle or swim. There is a printed tide report in your P & I Manual pocket in the kitchen, and here is the link:


There are two deck boxes with games and for adults...with croquet, badminton, volleyball and rope toss, Bocce, as well as two pumps for the balls...

...and one for children....filled with a myriad of balls and sandbox equipment. There are also two 'vehicles' for children...a car and wagon...see below
There are many life jackets in different sizes....four kayaks and paddles and both telescoping trekking poles and walking staffs. Please have fun with them, use them carefully and return them to where you found them--in their original state. **We do not have time, between guests, to clean and maintain the equipment, so please do that after each use. Thanks!

And we have four new plastic 8.6 foot kayaks for your use. Please note that you will need to sign a release in order to use these boats.


Eclipse Kayak Photo


The Eclipse 8'6 is the perfect choice for the paddler in search of a little more room with the features our high performance multi channel hull, bow and stern carrying handles, front and rear bungees, front and rear tankwells. For those hard paddling there is a molded in drink holder. For the best comfort it has an adjustable seat back.


Standard Features:

  • High performance multi-channel hull
  • Bow and Stern carry handles
  • Front and Rear deck bungees
  • Molded in Drink Holder
  • Adjustable Seat Back


  • LENGTH 102 in - 259 cm
  • WIDTH 31 in - 79 cm
  • HEIGHT 12.25 in - 31 cm
  • CAPACITY 295 lbs - 134 kg
  • WEIGHT 39 lbs - 18 kg


The estate is located on the Back River, which is a tidal river, so please plan your swimming, paddling and fishing excursions with that in mind.

Here is the local TIDE CHART.

Maine is known for its rugged coastline, where the boulders of ledge drop down to the lakes, rivers and the sea. Maine is not known for sandy beaches and this is no exception. As you can see from the aerial photo, the estate waterfront is unimproved, just a sloping ledge to the sea.

Please be sure to wear good shoes and take safety precautions as you access the and throughout the peninsula.

Here is how to access the riverfront:

At the bottom of the River Walk is our new stone staircase to the riverfront flat. 

Walk along the flat until you see the pink ribbons, under which the kayaks are located.
If you reach the wooden bench or the driveway, you've gone too far and are on my neighbor's property. Please retrace your steps. Thanks!

Here is the location of the kayaks. This is the mulched path, on the less demanding slope to the water, with rope handrails to lead you to the staircase into the water.
Here you can see the end of the path and the top of the stairs into the water...hold onto the rope handrails and walk's slippery when wet....

Here is how the stairs look from the water low tide...
Here is what you need to paddle...bring the life safety vests and paddles down from the Sports and Games room to the kayak area. Remember to bring the combinations to the kayak padlocks too!

These areas are too steep for some guests, so do stay on the mulched pathway for easier access. It leads to the staircase down to the water.
For those who don't want to paddle, but do want to watch, here's our riverfront bench.

The Site Map of the Bold Colorful Life Estate

Key to the Bold Colorful Life Estate Site Map 

1. Farmhouse Guest Rental

2. Cape Guest Rental

3. Owner's Quarters- Private

4. Reception Deck- Private if not rented

5. Firepit-Open to all

6. Softwood pile-Open to all (under two yellow banners)

7. Sports and Games Room

8. Gallery Barn-sometimes a Gallery, always a Barn

9. Garden Shed

10. Large Compost Pile

11. Freshwater Pond-home to frogs and Maine painted turtles

12. Woodland Glade with two picnic tables

13. Stone Bench and Stone Staircase to lower level and riverfront

14. Four 8.6 foot Eclipse kayaks and mulched path to staircase to water

15. Wooden Bench which marks the end of the property, adjacent to neighbor's driveway

16. Farmhouse Parking

17. Cape Parking

18. Neighbor's Driveway-please avoid trespassing

19. Organic Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens- help yourself


Aerial Photos of the site HERE




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We're working on a new attraction on our 15 acre estate for 2018. It's going to be a 'Fairy Walk', where children (of all ages) can build fairy houses to their heart's content, and the walkway leads through the woods to a lovely pine-needle-covered picnic area. I'll be putting pictures of our progress on the main website soon.

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