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Winter 2018        Christmas

Finally, a beautiful February snowstorm, followed by sunshine! How glorious to arise and look out the window at iridescent midcoast Maine.





Then to put a jacket and boots over my jammies and wander around, before the sun and breezes take the snow off the trees. Here's the Farmhouse...




Here's a look straight through the Great Room at the snow covered trees beyond.







And here's the Cape....




Snow's beginning to drop off the branches...dazzling in the sunlight...




Ah, now I remember. THIS is why we stay in Maine in the winter!! Time to put on my snowshoes and wander further afield. Here's the back of the Farmhouse...on the way to the river....


Mother Nature has fun making textures in the snow...

And my neighbor fox must have been loping along and been startled and changed course....

Same day...afternoon....and some of the magic disappeared with the snow....


But no's only February....chances are we'll have some more magical snow!!



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