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Bold Colorful Life Estate Recycling

Boothbay Region

Household Recycling At A Glance



What to Recycle

How to Recycle

Please Do Not Include


Containers-Glass and Plastic

Wine, Beer, Liquor, Water and Other deposit bottles

Please place all deposit containers in the same bag(s) and place in the colored containers

NO non-deposit containers

GLASS clear, green or brown

Glass jars, bottles and other glass food containers.

Remove all caps and rings. Rinse clean. Leave labels. Metal caps are recycled with tin/steel cans.

NO light bulbs/fluorescents

NO plate/window glass or mirrors

NO ceramic dishes, bowls or mugs

NO glass dishes/glassware

Plastic #2

Look for #2 symbol on container bottoms.


Milk/Water jugs, bleach bottles, all colors of detergent or shampoo bottles, antifreeze or windshields fluid containers.

Remove all caps and rings. Rinse clean. Leave labels. Metal caps are recycled with tin/steel cans.

NO plastic or metal caps or rings.
NO motor oil bottles

NO pesticide containers

NO Cool Whip or margarine tubs or yogurt containers


Aluminum food cans, pie plates, trays and clean aluminum foil, non-returnable soda and beer cans.

Rinse clean.


Helpful Hint: use a magnet to tell tin from aluminum

NO tin/steel cans, glass bottles or jars


Please keep tin/steel and aluminum separate

Tin/Steel Cans

Tin/steel cans and lids.

Examples: coffee, soup, tuna, pet food, fruit and vegetable cans

Rinse clean.
Leave labels.

NO aluminum paint or aerosol cans


Newspapers including all glossy inserts that come with the paper, phone books, TV guides.

Do NOT tie with string

Do NOT include brown paper bags.

NO brown paper bags, junk mail or other papers

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard no larger than 4X4 ft.

Empty brown bags allowed.

Boxes should be clean, dry and flat.

Staples are allowed.

NO yellow, foreign or wax coated containers. Please remove all plastic wrap, mailing labels and packing mtls

Mixed Papers

White copier paper, light colored paper, lined notebook paper, junk mail, all cereal, pasta, cookie or cracker boxes, shoe boxes, egg containers, manila folder, envelopes, postcards, greeting cards

Staples are allowed.

Cellophane or plastic windows are allowed.

NO used paper plates, cups, napkins, tissues, or toilet  paper.

NO used diapers or puppy newspapers

NO pizza boxes, construction paper

NO styrofoam peanutes or plastic packing

NO foil or metallic giftwrap

NO garbage of any sort

Magazines & Catalogs

All glossy magazines, inserts and catalogs

Place loose in the bin in the recycling building

NO string, plastic wrappers or brown wrappers

NO cardboard

NO newspaper

Bold Colorful Life Estate Vacation Rental Guidelines
Garbage and Recyclables

-Please DO NOT mix these recyclables in bags with food and garbage items. Thanks!

-Please place your beverage deposit recyclables in white bags in one of the brightly colored containers, your non-deposit recyclables in white bags in the other brightly colored container

-Big black bags containing garbage can be stored in the taller black garbage cans. 
**Please double-bag lobster/seafood/meat remains: first in white bags, then in black.





We are committed to involve employees and guests in the common goal of preserving and protecting the planet. We engage in sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.

We acknowledge that, in many ways, we, like the global community we serve, are only in the early stages of developing and implementing the many changes that will be necessary to achieve these vital environmental goals. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that our efforts to support a healthy environment serve the interests of both current and future generations and constitute the foundation for enduring success.

And in a more immediate way, they help us keep the fees for your vacation rental below competitor’s fees. J

WHAT WE’VE DONE AND ARE DOING: The whole story of the development of the property can be found here:


  • We’ve completely renovated the 1800s Cape—picked it up off its crumbling foundation and placed it on an efficient, heat-sustaining foundation, insulated and replaced/repaired all walls, fully insulated the attic, replaced 32 single-pane 150-year-old windows with new double-pane insulated windows with Low E glass
  • Updated the furnace system, which feeds hot water to highly efficient radiators, zoned the house so that there is a thermostat in each guestroom controlling a separate zone of heat
  • Replaced the inefficient water heater with a new, EnergyStar water heater
  • Added an EnergyStar dishwasher
  • Replaced the aging roof with a new roof, adding sheathing and insulation
  • Installed three low water usage toilets, using substantially less water while achieving a good flush rating
  • Installed non-electric water treatment system to take out iron
  • 2015 Installed two large, EnergyStar front-loading laundry machines to reduce energy usage


  • The Farmhouse is a new structure—a 2009 modular building with 2x6 insulated walls and attic
  • The Homer Barn, with the Great Room, is composed of SIPS (structurally-insulated panels) which keep the building well insulated
  • All windows are state-of-the-art double pane insulated windows with Low E glass
  • The electrical service is state-of-the-art and efficient
  • The furnace system supports radiant heat on the first floor, high efficiency baseboard on the second, and the house is zoned so that there is a thermostat in each guestroom and each community room, controlling a separate zone of heat
  • We’ve installed a new EnergyStar clothes washer, a new EnergyStar clothes dryer, a new "on-demand" hot water heater (please allow time for the water heater to respond to your "demand" for hot water...about 30 seconds) and an EnergyStar dishwasher
  • We’ve installed five low-water-usage toilets, using substantially less water while achieving a good flush rating
  • We have created an organic herb garden to supply the kitchens with fresh local herbs
  • Installed non-electric water treatment system to take out iron

  • We have re-used every piece of barn-board taken down from the original on-site backhouse, as well as the Homer Jones barn, from North Waldoboro. We re-use original barn doors, picket fences, historic foundation stones, horse shoes, farm tools, wagon wheels
  • We’ve instituted composting and recycling at the estate; feel free to use your compost bin to gather compost and dump it in the compost to the left of the staked southern garden
  • Practice dishwashing by Health Department approved high-temperature sanitizing, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals (bleach)
  • Initiated use of refillable dispensers for hand soap and body soap in guestroom baths
  • Developed our environmental policy statement.
  • Instituted use of biodegradable, 'free and clear' laundry detergent
  • Began voluntary towel re-use program with cooperation of guests
  • Have begun to install new compact fluorescent light bulbs, replacing incandescents where possible, without effecting the building ambiance
  • Recycle paper, plastic, metals and glass
  • Use electronic or digital communications (email, telephone, text messages) before using paper/print based communications (fax, prints)
  • Plus we have low flow showerheads, and we compost leaf and yard waste and all kitchen organics
  • We have thinned the woods around the estate according to Town and State guidelines, and with the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden as our guide for soil retention through stump retention. This enhances the wonderful breezes and reduces our mosquito numbers.

    We are committed to continuous monitoring and improvement of our environmental practices and have joined the Midcoast Energy Cooperative to enhance our knowledge and options.


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We're working on a new attraction on our 15 acre estate for 2018. It's going to be a 'Fairy Walk', where children (of all ages) can build fairy houses to their heart's content, and the walkway leads through the woods to a lovely pine-needle-covered picnic area. I'll be putting pictures of our progress on the main website soon.

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