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Wedding Support Fee Schedule

 'Destination Wedding' Site Fees:

This is a vacation rental, and our primary focus is to provide you with a gorgeous, elegant, natural site for your wedding. We also provide many wedding/event-related services to enhance your visit, your event and your planning.

A. LODGING: press the links, below, to see the fees for each building. Either or both can be rented for your 'destination wedding'.

       Farmhouse Rental
      The Farmhouse sleeps a maximum of 11 wedding guests in beds.

        Cape Rental
       The Cape sleeps a maximum of  9 wedding guests in beds.

A1. Additional People staying overnight on-site: $25 per person per night, whether they stay inside either house on pullout couches or blow-up mattresses, or outside on the grounds, in their tents.

B. Event Fee: $10-15 per person, beyond those staying overnight in the Bold Colorful Life Estate buildings. Fee rates depend on wedding design, use of utilities and wear-and-tear of the property. *
The fee will be determined by the management and includes the (sometimes surprising) addition to the utility bills, for electricity, oil and propane which arises from many small usages, such as extra lights and paddle fans, hairdryers, irons, etc. extra laundry for emergencies, extra showers, outside post lights, etc.
It also includes the labor and supplies and services to return the site to its former, natural pristine condition.

C. Band/D.J./Music Utilities: $150.00 *The fee includes the addition to the utility bills for music, whether it's a band with microphones and speakers, a DJ or just a CD player playing music throughout the event. There is no charge for a live musical group, such as a string quartet or a pianist or a bagpiper, which add nothing to the overall utilities.
D. Catering Utilities: $150.00 *The fee includes the addition to the utility bills for the chilling, preparation and warming of food for the event. Caterers are expected to take the dirty dishes with them; this does not include utilities for large amounts of dishwashing.
E.  Tent: $150.00 up, depending on number, size and placement**
this fee covers the labor required to return the estate to pre-tent condition--it does not cover the rental of the tent itself...there are several sites which are appropriate for tent placement and the tent placement must be agreed upon, in writing, before the event.
E1. Dance Floor over lawn: $50.00
** if the dance floor is set up on any lawn area, this fee covers the labor and grass seed to coax the lawn back to health where the dance floor has been
F. Reception Deck: $450.00 rental of the deck and open air tables and chairs for your reception; convenient to the Fire-pit**this rental is a 24 hour agreement for one event only...the deck must be put back into good order by the end of the 24 hour period
G. Reception Barn: $600.00 rental of the 1800s barn for indoors reception and/or dancing; this includes use of our 20+ barnboard benches...made of 200+ year old barnboards and timbers

 H. Officiant Services: this covers having Melissa serve as the Officiant at your wedding

  • Ceremony: $250.00
  • Rehearsal and Ceremony: $300.00

 I. On-site Wedding Support Services: $50.00 per hour

  •           Interaction with Service Providers/On-site Management of:
                   Catering Services
                   Wait Staff
                   Band/ D. J.
                   Rentals-tent, tables, tableware, lighting, etc.
                   Transportation of Guests to and from events
  • There is a $300 minimum fee for six hours of service provider interaction by Melissa or a staff member. This covers, at minimum, the interaction before and after, and supervision of service providers' interaction with the site. It might also cover service-provider-related  interaction with the wedding party. If the wedding party does not have an event planner on site the day of the event, it will include on-site management.
  • In addition, there will be a 'runner' on site during any and all events, provided by the estate and paid for by the wedding party at $20 per hour, to 'run' and get/do anything that hasn't been planned for, and to oversee management of the un-foreseen needs and crises.
  • The owner or a staff member representative will be on-site for the event, to oversee that all goes smoothly for the wedding party, and to ensure that the site and site policies are respected. This person will take candid pictures which tell 'the story' of the event for this website. There is no charge for the photography and these pictures are shared with you at no charge.


J. Porta-Johns: we do not supply portable toilets, but there are requirements for using the estate site for events of any size. Porta-Johns must be rented at the rate of one toilet for every 20 persons, beyond those staying in the building accommodations.

Packages of all varieties can be designed to match your wedding vision,
your budget and your style. Let us know which services are of interest
and we'll work with you to put together a package that fulfills
your wedding dreams.

****Please be sure to read the Wedding Policies, all the way to the bottom of the page, so that you can follow our guidelines and receive a
full security deposit return.

VIII. Wedding Policies


Welcome to the Bold Colorful Life Estate!! Thank you for renting this property for your awesome occasion. We are delighted to have you visit and enjoy the greater Boothbay peninsula in mid-coast Maine!! We hope that your stay is comfortable and memorable and that you return to stay with us again and again.
Please let us know how we can help to make your stay a pleasant one.

Our Mission: our mission and primary focus is to provide you with a gorgeous, comfortable and fully equipped site, in a beautiful natural setting, for your event, gathering, reunion or vacation….at an excellent price.

We provide the complete set of basic services for the fee that we agreed upon in our contract. This includes your receiving the building clean and ‘dressed’ like an Inn, ‘starter’ supplies such as detergent, toilet paper and paper towels, ‘loaner’ items during your stay such as books and sports equipment, games, movies, etc., and this manual to help you find things, use the site and enjoy the peninsula. We do not charge a separate cleaning fee, nor a supply-stocking fee, nor a sports equipment rental fee. ***Please see Release which must be signed before kayaks or boats are used.

We do expect you to treat these things as though they were your own. Thank you.

For those who are interested, we also provide additional services if these would enhance your visit and/or your event. These are offered at additional cost. Examples include:

·       additional overnight guests, beyond building 11 person maximum-$25/person/night

·       additional use of laundry/utilities for mid-visit 'turnover' of your guests or other above-normal usage;

·       completion by staff of linen wash/dry/fold services-$25/hour

·       extra mid-week cleaning services and/or after-check-out deep cleaning services-variable

·       rental of air conditioning units-$50/week or visit

·       use of the kitchen and dining room for an 'event' which includes more than the building's overnight rental guests

·       use of the 'rental deck' behind the red barn building for an outside 'event'

·       For our ‘destination wedding’ or 'wedding reception' guests, we offer many additional services, which are outlined here. 

Please let us know if any of these are of interest to you, before or during your visit.  Thanks!

If there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know...and if you are pleased with your stay, please let the world know. Thanks! :-)

In order that your visit is harmonious for all, and in order for you to receive your full security deposit refund, please abide by the following policies. Many thanks!


Here's the website which will answer many of your questions about planning your trip to the Boothbay peninsula:
And there is a separate section of this manual which lists many local activities. Melissa is also available to share local tips.

The best local weather can be found at is the zip code.

CHECK-IN begins at 4p on the first day of your rental. Melissa's cell phone is 203-331-7242. Please be in touch as you approach, so that she can guide you to the property, meet you and give you your tour of the building, the grounds and the local attractions. Please give her your cell phone(s) too. Thanks! If you need  additional time for your wedding service providers (Porta-Johns, tents, caterers, etc.) to set up for you, please add additional days to your rental to cover those needs.

Parking for the Cape is south of the Cape, the driveway is a left turn just before the Cape, just past the first post light. Parking for the Farmhouse is north of the Cape, along the Cape's front picket fence.

III. Please see the bulk of the POLICIES, by building, here:


The Farmhouse


2017 Wedding Contract


The Cape


2017 Wedding Contract



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