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Special Events at the....
Bold Colorful Life Estate

Special Event Support Fee Schedule

 'Special Event' Site Fees:

This is a vacation rental, and our primary focus is to provide you with a gorgeous, elegant, natural site for your event.  We also provide many event-related services to enhance your visit, your event and your planning.

A. LODGING: press the links, below, to see the fees for each building. Either or both can be rented for your special event.

       Farmhouse Rental
      The Farmhouse sleeps a maximum of 11 guests in beds.

        Cape Rental
       The Cape sleeps a maximum of  9 guests in beds.

A1. Additional People staying overnight on-site: $25 per person per night, whether they stay inside either house on pullout couches or blow-up mattresses, or outside on the grounds, in their tents.

B. Event Fee: $10-15 per person, beyond those staying overnight in the Bold Colorful Life Estate buildings. Fee rates depend on event design, use of utilities and wear-and-tear of the property.
An 'event' is designated when you invite guests who are not already staying on-site to attend a gathering of some sort. *The fee will be determined by the management and includes the (sometimes surprising) addition to the utility bills, for electricity, oil and propane which arises from many small usages, such as extra lights and paddle fans, hairdryers, irons, etc. extra laundry for emergencies, extra showers, outside post lights, etc.
It also includes the labor and supplies and services to return the site to its former, natural pristine condition.

C. Band/D.J./Music Utilities: $150.00 *The fee includes the addition to the utility bills for music, whether it's a band with microphones and speakers, a DJ or just a CD player playing music throughout the event. There is no charge for a live musical group, such as a string quartet or a pianist or a bagpiper, which add nothing to the overall utilities.
D. Catering Utilities: $150.00 *The fee includes the addition to the utility bills for the chilling, preparation and warming of food for the event. Caterers are expected to take the dirty dishes with them; this does not include utilities for large amounts of dishwashing.
E.  Tent: $150.00 up, depending on number, size and placement**
this fee covers the labor required to return the estate to pre-tent condition--it does not cover the rental of the tent itself...there are several sites which are appropriate for tent placement and the tent placement must be agreed upon, in writing, before the event.
E1. Dance Floor over lawn: $50.00
** if the dance floor is set up on any lawn area, this fee covers the labor and grass seed to coax the lawn back to health where the dance floor has been
F. Reception Deck: $450.00 rental of the deck and open air tables and chairs for your reception; convenient to the Fire-pit**this rental is a 24 hour agreement for one event only...the deck must be put back into good order by the end of the 24 hour period
G. Reception Barn: $600.00 rental of the 1800s barn for indoors reception and/or dancing; this includes use of our 20+ barnboard benches...made of 200+ year old barnboards and timbers

H. The owner or a staff member representative will be on-site for the event, to oversee that all goes smoothly for the party, and to ensure that the site and site policies are respected. This person will take candid pictures which tell 'the story' of the event for this website.** There is no charge for the photography and these pictures are shared with you at no charge.

**candid pictures are taken outside; if you would like candids inside, discuss it with Melissa

I. Porta-Johns: we do not supply portable toilets, but there are requirements for using the estate site for events of any size. Porta-Johns must be rented at the rate of one toilet for every 20 persons, beyond those staying in the building accommodations.

Packages of all varieties can be designed to match your special event vision,
your budget and your style. Let us know which services are of interest
and we'll work with you to put together a package that fulfills
your dreams.

****Please be sure to read the Event Policies, all the way to the bottom of the page, so that you can follow our guidelines and receive a full security deposit return.

VIII. Event Policies


Welcome to the Bold Colorful Life Estate!! Thank you for renting this property for your awesome occasion. We are delighted to have you visit and enjoy the greater Boothbay peninsula in mid-coast Maine!! We hope that your stay is comfortable and memorable and that you return to stay with us again and again.
Please let us know how we can help to make your stay a pleasant one.

Our Mission: our mission and primary focus is to provide you with a gorgeous, comfortable and fully equipped site, in a beautiful natural setting, for your event, gathering, reunion or vacation….at an excellent price.

We provide the complete set of basic services for the fee that we agreed upon in our contract. This includes your receiving the building clean and ‘dressed’ like an Inn, ‘starter’ supplies such as detergent, toilet paper and paper towels, ‘loaner’ items during your stay such as books and sports equipment, games, movies, etc., and this manual to help you find things, use the site and enjoy the peninsula. We do not charge a separate cleaning fee, nor a supply-stocking fee, nor a sports equipment rental fee. ***Please see Release which must be signed before kayaks or boats are used.

We do expect you to treat these things as though they were your own. Thank you.

For those who are interested, we also provide additional services if these would enhance your visit and/or your event. These are offered at additional cost. Examples include:

·       additional overnight guests, beyond building 11 person maximum-$25/person/night

·       extra mid-week cleaning services and/or after-check-out deep cleaning services-variable

·       rental of air conditioning units-$50/week or visit

·       use of the kitchen and dining room for an 'event' which includes more than the building's overnight rental guests

·       use of the 'rental deck' behind the red barn building for an outside 'event'

Please let us know if any of these are of interest to you, before or during your visit.  Thanks!

If there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know...and if you are pleased with your stay, please let the world know. Thanks! :-)

In order that your visit is harmonious for all, and in order for you to receive your full security deposit refund, please abide by the following policies. Many thanks!


Here's the website which will answer many of your questions about planning your trip to the Boothbay peninsula:
And there is a separate section of this manual which lists many local activities. Melissa is also available to share local tips.

The best local weather can be found at is the zip code.

CHECK-IN begins at 4p on the first day of your rental. Melissa's cell phone is 203-331-7242. Please be in touch as you approach, so that she can guide you to the property, meet you and give you your tour of the building, the grounds and the local attractions. Please give her your cell phone(s) too. Thanks!

If you need
 additional time for your special event service providers (Porta-Johns, tents, caterers, etc.) to set up for you, please add additional days to your rental to cover those needs.

Parking for the Cape is south of the Cape, the driveway is a left turn just before the Cape, just past the first post light. Parking for the Farmhouse is north of the Cape, along the Cape's front picket fence.


Please follow the Golden Rule--to treat others as you wish to be treated—and the property here as you would wish yours to be treated.  

A. Kitchen 

  • The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher, propane stove and oven, two microwave ovens, toaster oven, coffeemaker, waffle-maker, ice cream maker, iced tea maker and, of course, full-sized refrigerator. All equipment is self-explanatory, (or easily used with owner's manuals in the first drawer to the right of the sink) except the stove and oven.  
         -The burners on the stove are lit by turning the knob to the left to 'lite', where it will click,  and then further left when the burner has lit. Please do not leave the knob on 'lite', as it will burn out the motor.

  -The stove has two important buttons to the left of the door. The top switch must be pressed down, to turn the stove on to preheat; then the dial is set to your desired temperature. When your meal is done, please be sure to set the dial to 'off' and the switch to ‘off’ as well.
     -And please be sure to turn the fan on so that the cooking odors are removed from the kitchen. The fan has two speeds, as you will see from the front buttons.  Thanks!

·       There is a gas grill on the back porch for your use as well. The propane is turned 'off' when you arrive, but the grill functions in the standard way. Please turn the propane off and clean the grill when you are through grilling. Thanks! Propane refills are accessed at the Texaco in downtown Boothbay, or at the campground on Route 27.

B. Dining Room

  • The Dining room table is made of a 200+ year old barn door, from the Homer Jones Barn in North Waldoboro. Please do not attempt to move it; please move benches by picking them up rather than sliding them across and scarring the floor.
  • The gas fireplace is great for ambiance, however, it is not 'green' and does not heat well--the heat goes straight out the chimney. Your rental agreement includes up to an hour of usage, three times per day, e.g. during meals, in season only**. Additional usage will be deducted from your security deposit. Thanks for joining us in being 'green'.


            DIRECTIONS: You only need to use two of the buttons on this control pad: the top two
            on the right. Top right is the height of the flame. 3 is highest; 1 lowest. The second
            button down is the amount of fan that blows the heat from the flame.  Please do not
            press any other buttons. Thanks! **
Seasonal use is from October 1-Memorial Day.

C. Libraries of Books

  • Please enjoy the books here at the Bold Colorful Life Estate, indoors or under cover
  • Treat them gently, according to their age
  • This is not a lending library, so please be sure that all books return to their proper place in the library

D. Media Room --Games, DVDs and other media

  • Please enjoy these games and movies to your heart’s content. Then be sure to return all parts to their correct packaging and to their original place.

E. Piano

This is an heirloom from my father. It’s a very valuable Yamaha Baby Grand Piano. Please enjoy it, while following these policies.

  • Please treat the piano with respect at all times and keep the dust cover over the keys whenever not in use
  • No children under age 8 may play the piano; only those over age 8 who have had piano lessons are welcome to play

F. String Bass (Bass Fiddle)

This is also an heirloom which is for your enjoyment, under similar policies.

  • Please treat the String Bass with respect at all times
  • No children may play the Bass at any time. If you have children whom you think might be unable to resist, just let us know and we'll remove the instrument
  • Please do not move the String Bass unless you are trained to handle such instruments

G. Telescope

  • The telescope has been removed to the Owner's Quarters for safe-keeping. If you are well-versed in appropriate procedure for using sophisticated telescopes, and would like to use the telescope, let us know before your arrival and we'll happily make it available.  Thanks.

H. Bold Colorful Furniture and Decorations

  • Please take care of all furniture, linens and room decorations as though they were your own. LEAVE THE MAJOR FURNITURE WHERE IT IS PLEASE. The Farmhouse dining room table is not to be moved. (There is a minimum repair fee of $200.00 for moving/attempting to move this table.) Please lift the benches into place for your use. The floors are especially fragile as all the barn-board floors have been around for hundreds of years, so please leave the furniture where it is. J If you move bedroom items around, please be sure they make their way back to the correct bedroom position.
  • Please raise and lower the room-darkening shades, rather than adjusting the curtains, especially the bow-tie curtains in the Watermelon-Tourmaline room in the Farmhouse. Thanks!
  • To avoid major rain coming in through the windows, please open the windows from the top, rather than the bottom. We’ve been surprised by high wind and rain off the river!

I.  Laundry

J. Garbage /Recyclables

To locate the Farmhouse garbage cans, follow the side stairs off the back porch and turn right just past the bulkhead; the containers are on your right. Cape cans are on the back deck.

  • Place your garbage in the tall black containers. Black bags are found on the back deck in the deck box. Please place all debris, rubbish and discards in the garbage cans, IN BLACK BAGS, with lids securely attached. **Please double-bag lobster/seafood/meat remains: first in white bags, then in black. We do have marauding wildlife…wild raccoons and a neighbor black dog who thinks he lives and dines here. J  And please note: if the cleaning staff has to sort your recyclables from your garbage, there will be a charge on your security deposit.
  • Please place your beverage deposit recyclables in white bags in one of the brightly colored containers, your non-deposit recyclables in white bags in the other brightly colored container--see the 'Boothbay Region Household Recycling At A Glance' document in this manual for details.
  •  Cardboard can be stored on the Farmhouse back porch, next to the deck box, or in the mudroom of the Cape.

K. Other Items

  • Please let us know if you have breakage or damage of items in either house, or the loaner sports equipment. If it’s normal ‘wear and tear’, there will likely be no charge, but it helps us to know what needs repair and replacement. If it’s beyond normal wear and tear, a suitable sum will be held back from your security deposit refund.
  • Some of the electrical outlets are switched. If you can’t get an outlet to work, it may be ‘switched’ so try the other plug. Or press the reset if it’s a GFCI outlet.
  •  Speaking of showers, please use the fan in your bathroom/bedroom while showering….and open the door slowly after your shower. Especially in the Watermelon Tourmaline room, the fire alarms have been activated by sudden hot shower steam. Thanks!



Press this link. We're going for a 'green' certificate.


Please join us in these practices.

  • Turn off non-essential equipment (paddle fans, lights) when not in use
  • Place your garbage in one container, your beverage recyclables (except milk containers and #2 plastic) in the second (the brightly colored bucket) and your other recyclables in the third. Cardboard can be stored under the back porch, next to the deck box. There is a fourth can for overflow.
  • Purchase and use bio-degradable laundry products and cold water in our laundry. (Using COLD water not only helps the environment; it helps avoid shrinkage)
  • Discard only things that cannot be re-used or recycled. 
  • All rooms are equipped with paddle fans. Air conditioners are available for ‘rent’. Since they are not ‘green’, there is a $50.00 fee for the week or the visit. Let us know if you’re interested.

If you are interested in composting, use the composting bucket (small covered bucket on the back porch or in the kitchen) to gather your compost and deposit it in the compost sites. There is a small black plastic compost barrel next to the propane tank, near the road behind the garage, and a large wooden fenced one next to the new berry garden at the southern end of the property. (beside and behind the Cape building--see the estate map in the front of  your P & I manual)
**We are dedicated to your comfort; however, any excessive use of utilities (several turnovers of linens/laundry during your stay; extended use of the gas fireplace; excessive use of heat) will be deducted from the security deposit.



B.        Porches

  • GUEST PORCHES: Guests in the Farmhouse are welcome to use the attached porches--front porch, back porch, new back deck and deck in front of the Great Room. Please be careful as these porches are slippery when wet!
  • PRIVATE PORCH: The large deck behind the red barn building is part of the Owner's Quarters and is not for guest use, except when rented for an 'event'--a wedding reception, large dinner or other gathering. See us if you'd like to rent the large back deck. Please don't use the stone steps that lead down to this deck. They are unfinished and could be dangerous.

C.        Fire-pit

D.        Freshwater Pond

  • The pond is the home of tree frogs, bullfrogs and Maine painted turtles. We also have  a 'resident' Great Blue Heron. Have a seat on either bench or a nearby hammock or picnic table and enjoy watching them, but please don't step into the pond or harass the wildlife. :-)

E.        The River Walk

F.        Sports Equipment

  • Sports and Games Room--there is a 'room' in the trees, behind the Gallery Barn and out of the winds, where we stock sports equipment and games for your use, at no charge. Safety vests, paddles and hiking poles are available there. Children’s toys are located in and near the beige 'children's deck box'. We also have such games as badminton, volleyball, ladder toss, croquet and Bocce in the 'adult' deck box. Please have fun with them, use them carefully and return them to where you found them--in their original state. **We do not have time, between guests, to clean and maintain the equipment, so please do that after each use. Thanks!
  • There are also four 8.6 foot sit-on-top kayaks for your use--see the next part of this manual for details, 'how to use' information, and the Release of Liability form which all kayak users must sign before using these kayaks.
  • Please note: You use these items at your own risk. So please keep all vacation memories sweet….by being safe. The Bold Colorful Estate owners take no responsibility or liability for your handling of yourself or these recreational items. ***Please see Release, here and in the pocket of your P & I Manual, which must be signed before kayaks or boats are used and please read the next section about kayak use.
  •  And for water enjoyment, check the tides before planning to paddle or swim. There is a printed tide report in your P & I Manual pocket in the kitchen, and here is the link:

G.        Very Young Children's Play Area

·       There is an area next to the Gallery Barn, under an ancient pine, that is equipped with a sandbox and small chairs, and there are chairs for adults to use while supervising. The small children's toys are kept in a deck box in the 'Sports and Games Room' with the adult sports equipment behind the Gallery Barn. Each building is equipped with an inflatable kiddie pool...check your deck box on your porch. Enjoy.

H.    Fairy Walk- across the street from the freshwater pond

  • 2018 is our first year offering a 'Fairy Walk' on the nine wooded acres across Back River Rd. It's a path through the woods that leads to a wonderful, tree and boulder encircled area where children (of all ages) are invited to build a fairy home. We provide piles of natural materials for this purpose and you'll know you're there when you see the banners marking the entrance. If you walk further along this path, you'll pass the creek and rise up to our new picnic area in the ancient woods. Enjoy!


  • HOST: Melissa lives on site, in the Owner’s Quarters in the west end of the red building, much of each week. Please feel free to contact her or her representative by phone or text, at reasonable hours, if you have questions about the estate or the area. We love to share information about activities, restaurants, trips, etc. See the Activities portion of this manual. We are all happy that you’re here and want to help make your vacation memorable! 203-331-7242
  • EMERGENCY: Should there be an emergency of any kind (fire alarms go off; someone hurts themselves, etc.) please call Melissa first and then these numbers:
    • Fire Department: 207-633-6437 or 207-633-2451
    • St. Andrews Hospital: 207-633-2121 or “911”
  • PRIVATE AREA—‘Owner’s Quarters’: As mentioned above, the large deck behind the red building is part of the ‘private’ area, as well as the driveway to the west of the red building. There are 15 acres to wander; please avoid these small areas, where maintenance, repair, construction and private clients can sometimes be found. Thanks!
    Inside: Be aware that both buildings (and particularly the Farmhouse) are composed of barn materials. Please take care to avoid splinters in hands and feet! The Farmhouse is an historical building and there may be floor nail-pops to avoid...please keep an eye (and shoes) on your children.
    Outside: The Bold Colorful Estate consists of 15 acres on two sides of the Back River Road and situated on the Back River. The grounds are partly manicured and partly wild. Please ensure that all members of your party are careful on the estate….and careful of the estate. Please be especially careful of children around the rock walls and freshwater pond. And do wear good shoes when walking down to the riverbank. Thanks!
    Please be aware that the Town of Boothbay town ordinance requires that loud music and other exterior noise cease at 10 pm. And the vacation rental policy here is that loud internal noise be reduced at 11pm and cease no later than midnight. Please comply. Thanks!
  • WATER: The well has passed the highest tests for Inn guest consumption, and thanks to our new water treatment system, in each house, the water no longer tastes of iron. Bring or purchase bottled water if you prefer the taste, and we appreciate it if you still use cold water to avoid shrinkage of the house laundry.
  • PARKING: Please keep the driveway clear of vehicles…fire code...park in front of the Farmhouse only for loading and unloading. No parking in front of the (active) garage, please. No parking on the lawns. For Farmhouse guests, more permanent parking can be found in front of the picket fence in front of the Cape, or across the road on our parking flat. Thanks!
  • NO PETS OR SMOKING: This is a pet-free property. Please do not bring pets.
    And it is a smoke-free property as well. If you have a guest who must smoke, please be sure they walk across the street to smoke. Thanks!

  •  WIFI: Historically, we called it Wi-Fli (when it feels like it) because this is a peninsula in Maine, sticking out into the ocean...and historically it was reliable 90% or more of the time. With our new router and range extender, we're nearing the 100% mark.  If the Wi-Fi is not functioning well, let us know and we'll reboot the system as soon as we can.


  • Please be sure to be ready to go to your next destination by noon on the last day of your visit. We must allow the cleaning staff into the building at that time, in order for the site to be ready for our next guests. Thanks!
  • If you have used small quantities of the ‘staples’ in the cupboards, please feel welcome. If you have used significant amounts, please replace the ‘staples’ so that the next guests may use them during their visit. 
  • All debris, rubbish, discards and recyclables should be placed, in black bags, in the appropriate garbage cans, with lids securely attached--see details in J. above. Soiled dishes should be placed in the dishwasher, cleaned and put away, if time allows. Event-related garbage should be removed from the site.
  • Please wash, dry and fold all used linens (sheets, pillow cases, towels, wash cloths, robes) before your departure, using cold water and medium drying heats and return them to their original room. Don’t worry about re-making and ‘dressing’ the beds, unless you’d like to do it. We will re-make the beds during our final turn-over cleaning.

    Please hand wash any rugs that need to be cleaned--do not attempt to wash them in the house laundry machines. Thanks!

  • Please leave the house keys with the P & I manual on the kitchen island. Thanks!


If there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know...and if you are pleased with your stay, please let the world know. Thanks! :-)

·       If you enjoyed your stay, please let us know what made it special. Here are links that will take you to the Internet reviews on and and Tripadvisor so that others will know about your enjoyment:

·       For the Farmhouse:

·       For the Cape:

·       For both on TripAdvisor:


We hope for you a lovely, serene trip home or to your next destination, having spent time in a beautiful, peaceful, healing and serene environment. Now you’re ready for your ever more Bold and Colorful Life!! J


Here’s a copy of the contract you signed, as a reminder:

Below are the ‘agreements’ under which we rent this property to you.

Please, NO early check-in or late check-out unless we have reached an agreement beforehand.  
If you need additional time for your special event service providers (Porta-Johns, tents, caterers, etc.) to set up or clean up for you, please add additional days to your rental to cover those needs.

2. These are NON SMOKING houses.

3. Pets are not permitted in this house under any conditions. So many people are allergic that it makes it unpleasant for others to rent it after pets have visited.

4. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT- A damage/reservation deposit of $500 per building is required for each building. This must be received with this signed contract and the 50% rental deposit, in the next seven (7) days, to ensure that your reservation is confirmed.  The deposit automatically converts to a security/damage deposit upon arrival.
The deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however, it is fully refundable within (4) days of departure, provided the following provisions are met. Should any adjustments be necessary, it may take more than four days to return the balance.
   a. No damage is done to the house or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
   b. All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in the garbage cans, with lids securely attached, and soiled dishes are placed in the dishwasher and cleaned.
   c. All house keys are left on the kitchen island and the house is left locked.
   d. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
   e. All linens are washed in cold water, thoroughly dried and folded. No linens are lost or damaged.
"Linens" includes any used sheets, towels, blankets, shams, rugs, robes, etc.
   f.  Please, no early check-in or late check-out, unless we have reached an
      agreement beforehand.
Unloading is allowed on the driveway. Parking is allowed on designated hard surfaces, but not on the lawns or soft surfaces, please.
5. PAYMENT – An advance payment equal to 50% of the rental rate is required with this signed contract. The advance payment will be applied toward the house rent. Please make payments in the form of traveler's checks, bank money orders, cashiers checks or personal checks payable to Bold Colorful Life. The advance payment is not a damage deposit. The BALANCE OF RENT is due sixty (60) days before your arrival date.


6. CANCELLATIONS: For special events, a one hundred twenty (120) day (four months) notice is required for cancellation. For cancellations that are made more one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the arrival date, a full refund will be made, subject to a 5% Cancellation Fee or $300, whichever is greater.  Cancellations that are made within 120 days of the arrival date, or changes that result in a shortened stay, forfeit the full advance payment and damage/reservation deposit. Early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit.
Neither early departure nor fewer actual guests nor changes that result in a shortened stay warrant any refund of rent or deposit. Travel insurance is suggested in item 17, below.
Should you want or need to cancel your event, all hours that the Owner/Officiant has spent on your behalf, to that date, will be assessed at the special event support services fee of $50.00 per hour.

All non-resident event guest estimates must be finalized 30 days before the event-adjustments up to 15% of the original estimate are allowed.

7. PROPERTY RENTED 'AS IS': Nothing contained within the advertising material of this property or represented during communications is deemed to constitute any warranty or guarantee of the condition of the premises, services and/or situation upon which renting guest should or may rely.  Seasonal and other variances may occur between any photographs, renderings and/or descriptions which may render such photographs, renderings and/or descriptions materially different from actual premises, services and/or situation encountered. The renting guest is renting the premises/services/situation “as is/where is”. 

---The maximum number of guests for the Cape is limited to nine (9) persons. An additional charge of $25.00 per person per night for guests in addition to nine (9) will be assessed. This building requires a three (3) night minimum stay. 
Additional charges are levied for an 'event'.
--- The maximum number of guests for the Farmhouse is limited to eleven (11) persons. An additional charge of $25.00 per person per night for guests in addition to eleven (11) will be assessed. 
Additional charges are levied for an 'event'.

9. THIS PROPERTY REQUIRES A THREE (3) NIGHT MINIMUM STAY, FIVE (5) NIGHTS DURING THE SUMMER SEASON. Longer minimum stays may be required during holiday periods. If a rental is taken for less than the minimum stay, the guest will be charged the minimum night rate.

10. INCLUSIVE FEES – Rates include a one-time linen-towel setup. All linens (sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels, table settings, robes, rugs, etc.) are to be left clean and folded. Amenity fees are included in the rental rate
with the exception of the AC, which is offered on a rental basis. Cleaning service after check-out is included in the rental rate; we ask that you return the building to the state in which you found it. Please note: the vacation rental does NOT include breakfast but the kitchen is fully equipped for you to make your own.

11. NO DAILY MAID SERVICE – While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, and the maid service to clean the house after you leave is included in the rate, daily maid service, while you are renting the house, is not included in the rental rate. It is, however, available at an additional charge. Just let us know if you’d like to take advantage of it. We suggest you bring beach towels. We ask that you do not take towels or linens from the house.

12. RATE CHANGES – Rates subject to change without notice until this contract is signed.

13. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.

14. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS – Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing, in advance.

Unloading is allowed on the driveway. Parking is allowed on designated hard surfaces, but not on the lawns or soft surfaces, please. There are 4 parking spots behind the Cape for the Cape guests. There are 5 parking spots in front of the Cape for the Farmhouse guests. There are additional parking spots near the Barn and across the street on a parking flat. 

16. HURRICANE OR STORM POLICY – HURRICANE OR STORM POLICY: No refunds will be given for inclement weather situations; see below.

17. TRAVEL INSURANCE:  We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.  If you wish to purchase travel insurance, one place to purchase it is at:

I agree that all rental monies are non-refundable per cancellation policy above. I have read my rights to purchase travel insurance.  By Signing Below, I agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.  I also agree that I have read and will follow all property Policies.

Signature:__________________________________  Date____________
Home Address:_____________________________________________
Phone Number:_____________________Cell Phone Number:___________________

Email address:_________________________________



In exchange for use of the facilities and services of Bold Colorful Life Estate, I agree for myself and for the members of my family and my vacation rental group, to the following: 

1. I have read and agree to observe and obey all posted 'policies' and warnings, and further agree to follow any oral instructions or directions given by Melissa L. Thornton, or the employees, representatives or agents of Melissa L. Thornton and Bold Colorful Life. POLICIES can be found on the website; a copy will be emailed to you a month before your arrival, and there is a hard copy in each rental building. PLEASE READ THE POLICIES CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT, RE-READ THEM BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL and SHARE THE POLICIES WITH ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP. 

2. I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with use of the above described vacation rental, use of the buildings, property and equipment. I assume full responsibility for personal injury, of any kind, to myself and to my family members and to the members of my vacation rental group, and do further release and discharge Melissa L. Thornton and Bold Colorful Life for injury, of any kind, loss or damage arising out of my or my family or group's use of or presence upon or within the facilities of Bold Colorful Life Estate, whether caused by any fault of myself, family or group, or other third parties.   

3. I agree to indemnify and defend Melissa L. Thornton and Bold Colorful Life against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in any way arise from my, my family's or my group's use of or presence upon or within the facilities of Bold Colorful Life. 

4. I agree to pay for all damages to the facilities of Bold Colorful Life caused by my or my family's or group's intentional/unintentional, accidental, negligent, reckless or willful actions. 

5. Any legal or equitable claim that may arise from participation/use of the above shall be resolved under Maine law in Lincoln County, Maine.


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We're working on a new attraction on our 15 acre estate for 2018. It's going to be a 'Fairy Walk', where children (of all ages) can build fairy houses to their heart's content, and the walkway leads through the woods to a lovely pine-needle-covered picnic area. I'll be putting pictures of our progress on the main website soon.

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